It's a dry season and surely the best time to visit Bali. Have fun trekking, surfing, diving, cycling, and whatnot. Days are warmer and kights are cooler, hence carry clothes accordingly.


Pizza, Pasta, & Rome - Italy is just so wonderful. October is the right month to visit as summers will pass into cool autumn. Best time to go on a nature tray and explorer the ancient historic heritage. Enjoy the Gondola rides and also check out the Leaning Tower of  Pisa. If you are a fashion lover then Milan cannot be a miss.


Beach lovers cannot miss this small paradise. Visit Bois Cheri Tea plantations, take yourself  Scuba diving and kite surfing. Go snorkeling in Blue Bay Marine Park and cave sea kayaking in Albion caves. Above all take a seaplane ride which gives you a stunning bird's eye tour of Mauritius.

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